The Defiler
by Ron Hogan

Get your eyes away from my private thoughts. Yeah, yeah, I know you were just curious, motherfucker, but you know what curious did to the cat. Everyone knows that curiosity equals death, so you best back the fuck off.

You fill me with incomparable rage when I have to witness you and your girlfriend doing that stupid couple shit in front of me. I want to rip your spleen out and leave you a mewling, empty meatsack on the bloody concrete, and then I want to take my knife and show your girlfriend the true meaning of playing 'Doctor'. I'll give you a hint. It's less like my tongue in your ass and more like a scalpel tearing through your corpus callosum.

I can hear you two, you know. When you're back there fucking on his bed and you think you're alone. I can hear the obscene smacking of your lips as they hit together, like a dog drinking a bowl of hot soup. I can hear the muffled conversations you share. I can hear the whispering, the giggling, and the groaning. I hear it all, and it rips through me like shrapnel through a watermelon.

I am the Defiler. I am human Rape. I am colon-tearing sodomy in the grimy darkness of a back alley behind the abortion clinic. I live, breath, eat, and excrete the foulest corruption known to mankind. My thoughts are sickening, even to me. Especially to me. I think about things you couldn't even begin to comprehend without risking your fragile untested psyche. You don't want to know what's going on in my brain, so stop trying to pry.

Dangerous animals are locked behind cages for your protection. My brain is locked within my skull for much the same reason. My one recurring thought: how to bring about the complete and total devastation of the unfit and unworthy humanoids that will only take up space in my world.

There is a reason true some animals are cannibals. Humans are jackals who prey on the weak, even amongst themselves. I will not be the one who is eaten. I will eat. I will feast. I will grow strong and fat off the flesh of those unfit to live in this world.

I need my space.

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