Sestina! An Ode to the Gatekeeper!

Once a upon a time there was a non-ordinary man, the gatekeeper
and all things in life were given to him, except Greatness,
which protected herself with words blowing in the wind
Caution barricaded the door, prevented it from coming out. This key
he needed badly, so he could become whole, escaping the madness,
achieving happiness, and fulfilling the universal philosophy of love.

His first mistake was that his eyes showed his hatred for Greatness,
a secret just below the surface, hidden by blowing in the wind,
but like a blind man in the darkness, he did not see it. For the key
was covered in a red laughter that locked him in a prison of the madness.
It did not matter to him; he secretly loathed the power of love.

The gatekeeper felt safe because he could see the eyes in the wind,
they revealed to him that he would never find the key.
Speak uncertainty, only the dark side needed the magic of the madness,
seduced by waiting moments, a fine line separated him from love.
Not even prayer belonged in the damned world of the gatekeeper,
where his word is law, and a spirit turned into a woman named Greatness.

Over time, he thought so much about himself, he forgot about the key.
It reciprocated his generosity by passing him along to the madness,
whose power was so strong he did not even recognize it. No love?
Greed and selfishness made him emotionally bankrupt for the gatekeeper
Unwisely stole her virginity and sold her to the dark side. Greatness
could see that he would self-destruct. She prayed to the Ghost in the Wind.

He broke her heart, which is just what the dark side of the madness
wanted. By succumbing to it, the fear of, he lost not only her and love,
but was fired from Up Above. An immortal named Seth, the gatekeeper,
had the saddest day of his life. Warning words blowing from the wind
came and went with night; going with it was the answer to finding the key.

The gatekeeper became the very thing he hated, despite the warning words in the wind
blowing through his ear. Wisdom evaporated at this moment. Not even the power of
madness is greater. Could it be that the key to Greatness is love?

--Piper Davenport

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