I was broken, some say beyond repair.

Yet for some reason, you remained right there.

After all others abandoned me, I guess I was easy to forget

As I lay alone in my bed thinking of sins, too awful to repent

You gave me your love. You became my father.

And there is nothing that I'm more proud of, than to say that I'm your daughter.

Although you are invisible, those who seek you can see you,

Although you are silent, you can be heard by those who believe in everything you do.

For years, I was condemned to being hopeless, just because.

As long as I can remember, I was known as the lost cause

A blacksheep among a flock of the thousand that were free to roam,

But you were my Shepherd, yes Lord you did bring me home.

So I thank you, for your loyalty, for your unconditional forgiveness

And I apologize for the words that I will never be able to express

So I will dedicate my life to knowing you and to making you known

Just for being my only Shepherd, and for leading me to your throne.

--Anna Walisser

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