ua mau pe hea o ka aine i ka pono
(the life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness)

people come from miles around
far and wide to see my town
but they can not understand
the true beauty of my land
it's so peaceful, it's so right
the harmony of summer nights
there, i met my first true love
a god-given gift from far above
blessed by all that i have seen
old in mind, yet still a teen
maui is heaven on this earth
the sovereign land of my birth
a rainforest so dark and green
an ocean so blue and so clean
water cleansing heart and soul
it's there no matter where you go
bringing the precious gift of life
if you're willing to sacrifice
give back all that you dont need
step away from hate and greed
have ambition in your heart
the will to help to play a part
in some great role that will change the world
or maybe just a little speck of dust in a great big blue ocean.


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