Father In Heaven

Father in heaven, please take me away
I am hungry and may not last the day.
Father in heaven, take pity on the poor
We're tormented and cannot cope with much more.
Father in heaven, may I come live with you?
My rent and utilities are now overdue.
Father, do you not have a place for me?
I plead with you on bended knee.
Father in heaven, shower me with peace.
My miserable life, now ready to cease.
Father in heaven, in your arms I'll find rest
Society views me as something less
Father in heaven, I know that you care
My treatment in life has been far from fair.
Father in heaven, may I but see your face?
In earth no longer for the poor is there any grace.
Father, look; your garden is gone
To heaven, I journey, though the trip may be long
Father in heaven, to you we're all the same
I would not just be an unknown name.
Father, may I rest upon the clouds?
The voice of poverty screams so loud.
Father, can I just sit on the floor at your feet?
Better than dying alone on the street.
Father, the poor are scattered throughout this land
Will you not come quickly to hold our hand?

--Judy Eichstedt

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