I hope you can nod for me
With your head held high and proud
A voice in a whisper is all I hear
And the wind fills the air with a frostbitten ill temper.

You asked me where the stars were.

It's simple,
You'll find Orion in your heart
And constellations in your soul
And cruelty fills our eyes with a frostbitten ill temper.

Can you see them yet?
Two the left is Orion's belt, and on it a dagger
The blade that you call protection
Penetrates me, bleeds me empty.

Like the skip of a record
A soundtrack of two lives in spoken word
Repeating only riddles that you speak to me
Set to the beat of my broken heart.
And the static of vinyl creaks from every pore.

I pull my ear from your jackhammer chest
And keep it in a small, soundproof box
Where your words can no longer reach me.

But without it, what shall I do?
To keep you silent I've lost my head.
So my body thrusts upon yours violently
My hand rips into your frigid heart and removes with it
A small knife from a mythical man's sheath
Taken to your wrist.
And as the blade digs deeper, the flesh tears
And I bring you down with me.

I've killed you now, in the name of peace.
You used that name in vain.

How serene the evening is
Everything is calm now.
It's just the sky and I.
Stars, pixels spread across
We live in digital.

--Justin Sprenkle

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