Suicide to save our sanity
Self-destruction is the only way
That we could ever imagine
Never having to feel this again.
You turn to him and fold
And I turn to you
In remembrance of a time
When we ran free amongst the clouds.

But who will I turn to when you're gone?

Razorblade scars and choked-back tears
Will never replace the hollowness
That is caused by your absence.
I kick and scream into the night
Only to find you waiting for me
Arms crossed, eyes glazed
And your hands gripping someone else's.

A smudge of lipstick streaks your cheek
Evidence to an up-close encounter
And I write it off and pretend to never see
The longing stares misplaced
That will never again come to me.

Involuntary ambivalence exudes
And my feet shuffle across this twisted dance floor
As I exit, stage left
As I exit, left behind.

--Justin Sprenkle

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