"Sculpting Icons"
by Jerry Vilhotti

Barbie, Tommy Tom Tom's first wife a number of wives which would total four before his career ended, put him through Brokenland college by working as a phone operator in The Big Apple and overhearing conversations of various celebrities : one a baseball player called the "Yankee Floater" and nicknamed by a manager who was as good as when he played mediocre baseball in the majors called him the "Big wop"; that made The "Jolter" beam with pride. The Yankee Sailboat wanted to sue the singers who had called him an icon which angered him much thinking the word meant foreign agent which during the California Panic Rush did put thousands of Californians of Japanese decent into "Holding Camps" along with some of his parent's countrymen thought to be Mussolini followers and some Germans upon whose scientists the great country would rely on when trying to beat socialistic ideas to death in a race for supremacy.

"You better come home and bring your virginia back to New York and get away from those horny half-men brothers who are just trying to devour your body or else I'll come there with my big wop bat and smash your head and those Boston mics too!" the icon said to the young actress that married him for his fame to enhance her budding acting career that her standing over a subway vent making her dress go so far up that exposed her "moodon" to all the readers of "The Daily Dirt Newspaper"; masturbating a read on the subway while going to work for corporations who would one day own the country and make new slaves in the name of pseudo democracy before going for the big pie in its fourth world order called: "Global Gobbling and "Give Me Money Bailouts"!

When Tom was wandering around looking for Christ in "You Go to Jail and I Don't" Northshredder, New York, where he and his third wife, a If you're Irish Don't Apply for Work Boston "a now blue blood person", had spent a year at The Society of Followers to get rid of the dirt they felt within themselves which was making the dark shadow on their souls grow, he reasoned that indeed Christ had feigned a limp, something like the one he had due to the polio that had ravaged his baby body; which would revisit him later in life to take him across the Jordan River, to leave its affect on a twisted shrunken leg with a million pimples to colonize the upper area which would be a mark he would carry with him for the rest of his life and actually capture great heaps of pity from those who could not tolerate deformity, escaped to Rome where He settled down with a woman who resembled Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida, Anne Bancroft and Verna Lissi all at the same time and had sixteen children with the four of them taking off in the space ship from His father's world two Milky Ways away in distance that had taught the inhabitants with their tools and knowledge to create the first seven wonders of the world while the church fathers were killing His brothers and sisters and all of His other Relatives to begin their new better religion on the shoulders of other religions like Gilgamesh beating Inkadoo with a juicy vagina instead of with a sword that would break on the animalistic strong body and others that preceded that would garner billions and billions of dollars from those who felt guilt at having thrown stones at innocence coming into their houses of worship entering smoke and mirrors by having to put a coin into the "magic machine" that with the weight of the coin would push the lever to release undrinkable water for them to wash the filthy dirt from their hands that had been in places that could cause diseases yet to be invented to perpetuate the fear of dying and as Tom was being taken to a place of "rest" by four large special Dark Waters attendants - he emitted an agonizing scream that could almost be heard in the land He had walked: speaking of love along with all the other prophets of different gods, drowning in tears at all the self-hate existing there so making easier to project one's self loathing unto others, killing attempts to lead human kind into a semblance of real compassion: the mother of love:

"We'll take our religion like the Bahai guys one step further and make a book be born respecting all peoples. Listen Tom my almost brother-cousin, you know Zack's kid, Johnny "The Bap" will be the secular king and I'll be like the son of God showing the way to the light. All the rest of you guys make sure you marry and if your wives have kids within three years - you marry them again - and then it can be said all your children like me were born of a virgin so perpetuating our Essene beliefs. We have to have a thought! Right? All the secret societies had from the Babylonians who wrote the first Bible to those kings in Egypt who were called by the name of their residence, pharaohs, had their shtick of mummification and secret elite societies but we won't go fully the secret route because we really believe in saving human kind from their inner weapons of mass destruction and really don't want to manipulate the poor bastards by scaring the beJesus out of them. It's not going to be just our thing. Am I right or what? Now we got to have a peg to make it all hang onto. You and I believe in reincarnation since that idea won't freeze the brain like going to a better place if you're meek and obey and suffer while on earth. That was the original plan of the illumanti of even the Greeks: to use fear of the unknown and knowing everybody dies but you see if you know you're coming back as something - all is sacred and good. Christ I hope I'm right! I only went along with the jerks on resurrection so they wouldn't stop my truth; instead I fell on my head out of bed over all the fucking parables I said. Now we must clear away all bullshit lies like I did when I flipped out in the temple where the greedy bastards made a bank of it and that's why I say those who glean moneys to elevate their self-worth upon the backs of suffering the poor will wallow in their shit till the bastards die of malignant cancer eating up their ass holes. You don't have to believe in good by going to any services. You can do this inside your own home and inside your own skin and you know If I don't teach people how to love themselves truly - that will be my greatest regret. What the hell does it mean to love your neighbor as you do yourself when you don't? And all those so-called religions that keep people in line with terror will die! Do you understand? How do I make the dead see?" Christ said angrily as all his disciples who were giving him the Burywater stare: mouths gaping as a deep frown furrowed on their brows.

"Holy shit!" he said realizing it wasn't going to be as easy as he first thought to save mankind from itself.

Barbie the older woman from Norwalk, who took Tom under her wings and taught him that ideas ike Social Security, Medicare and protection of the weak and poor who did not have the opportunity to play on even playing fields that the super elite wanted everyone to believe so able to make their country and then the world their giant piggy bank while suffer the little children was going on outside their houses of worship, would be dumped when Lulu would come into Tom's life whose father was a vice-president of a publishing house in The Big Apple and her sister-cousin a former Miss America with a nasty habit of taking items in stores she visited without paying.

Eventually "everybody pays" Tom would tell his patients while doing psychoanalysis on them in order for them to see the light.

END 5-27-11

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