"A Sticky, Gooey Surface"
by Jerry Vilhotti

There on a gooey surface of the Empire State Building high above the city, whose lights once dangled making bright darkness as planes with names as: "In the Eye of a Pyramid", "Skull and Bones", "Princeton", "Haavaad" and "Morningside College's Lady Liberty Chained Legs",large planes almost as big as the Hudson River were hurling by him watching his every move intently and one piloted by his father the Old Warrior, Percival Mac Kinnly Bush, was shooting limp bullets at him; screaming that it was his birth that had stopped the Golden Era of no regulations led by GOP presidents and a GOP-Dixiecrat congress who thought raw capitalism a money making Madmadoff thing was a good idea - bringing on the polio infested president who forgot his elite roots to help riffraff whose only purpose was to die for world orders and the snob would also bring on with his socialistic ideas brought on the Great Depression and eventually the war that ended the economic down twirl or so the elite told the sold out media journalists who were owned by corporations perpetuating the belief in their god "Moneeeey" and furthermore The Old Warrior believed the snob of snobs also with all his socialistic ideas would replace the cozy Hoovervills with places he would call ShrubCheeeny Tent Towns, and there Byrom Hoover Bush began making love to Olivia the German-French-Italic woman who saw the divided states of Great America munching on each others private parts with politicians of both parties relishing in all the coming of a great nation at the ready to pull the world down to its level.

Olivia bit his ear and neck with wild abandonment; pushing his head down to where instruments were all lit up showing him the way to fame and fortune. Her son Ron was the custard king in the state of Pseudo Democracy, Ohio and also several stands in Can't Make Up Mind, Minnesota, SeeyaRussia, Alaska, Northshredder, New York and Cheap State, New Hampshire.

Her screaming overcame the drone of all the airplanes swooping around them; now his father was in the same plane as the Lone Eagle, a Hitler lover, and they were yelling for him to stop; wanting so badly to control his every movement as they kept whizzing by shooting red hot bullets - the shape of no blood penises. Byrom Superman caught one of them while he covered his "mystery lady" with both of his strong arms while the king of gorillas King Kong began to fall miles to his death while attempting to save humanity from the dark ages that were going to reappear in the shape of a golden calf.

Byrom only recalled this of his dream: a huge wave smashing into a tall Boner-shaped lighthouse in a great lake licking Ohio flashing a beam of dark light, a long winding road with banks the shape of ass cheeks, a nun with her dress up over her breasts with Popes sucking on her hundred and one nipples, a ditch with curly black moss growing on its edges and something about a looming tall mountain covered with white glistening snow from which he was falling and just before he landed, he awoke to a mourning.

END 4-2-09

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