"Wilde Guy"
by Jerry Vilhotti

Johnny finished his work, census-taking that extended for about a year; getting promoted to field supervisor while "stealing" their car three more times and then gave the gas guzzler to their father to give it to his older brother Tommy Tom Tom once and for all.

Johnny finally graduated Harlem College, "The Poor Man's Harvard", and began teaching near Bedford-Stuyvesant to pay back the city for having given him the opportunity to attend college - after a Mister Moriarty Roberts at the state x-agricultural college in Connectandcut told him "his kind" could never handle their tough courses, though Johnny had told him he had attended Brokenland College for two years already where most of the students had read The Bible by the age of four and then at the advice of a Black-American professors at Barney Baruch at the downtown campus to go north and go to one of the most prestigious schools who taught those Morningside College Ivy league students how to become doctors so advanced was their bio department. Even there, he was greeted with hatred when the head librarian, a Mister Soul Stain, accused Johnny of stealing his library books because he was afraid the ruggedly good looking curly-hair guy was going to fornicate all his female readers who were looking at him as they did years before when Cornell Wilde (who turned down an offer to go to the Olympics on the fencing team) was in his place among books, but Johnny survived that too when he lost his card and was called by a whispering voice saying that he had found it and Johnny told him to just destroy the card which the shady guy didn't do; instead, stole many books to feed his "babanya" habit but when Johnny in his twenty-page proposal on his innocence saying why would he steal books that were not even near his major and the dean, Barak Rosenberg, so impressed with Johnny being so naive that he concluded this kid who resembled the primitive man forge gather and a guy searching for Soloman's mind and monneeeey and a guy who played "The Great Sabastion" in the "Greatest Show on Earth" along a guy who even didn't like himself saying they had to take his gun out of his dead cold hands; thinking it was better for mankind to kill itself off than find a cure for their self-hating disease though the script had "Moses" be a good guy despite his inner cynical beliefs.

The actor whom Johnny slightly resembled was Wilde whom Johnny respected for his compassionate ways.

END 8-5-08

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