"Mark His Words"
by Jerry Vilhotti

"See what I mean? I should have had the little prick circumcised twice so he wouldn't have felt the slightest pleasure whatsoever when intercoursing. Because - one who can't speak well - if you were not ignorant and stupid to boot then you might have understood that the survival of the fittest make up all the rules!"

"Have you learned nothing from me? When they pull the wool over your eyes you will only see darkness - stutterer! Did you know how our class began making lots of mazuma? We used the fear of the unknown and especially death. We invented religions - why do you think the leaders of all the religions have their noses up the deepest part of our asses smelling roses and not mad cow disease? And those we were leading by the noses even had many gods saying their big Guy was the best so killing each other in their names; forgetting their fear-or at least setting it aside-since we told them dying in time of hate was an express way to sitting with their god."

"But you know the greatest invention of smoke and mirrors was? It was a machine built thousands of years ago which was planted inside houses of worship, and if one put a coin in he or she could wash their hands with holy water that was really polluted sewer water to wash away their filth so cleanliness began to be godliness and so the riffraff kill each other off never being able to think of wiping away the ten of us and our brood that run the world from deep inside our bunkers.", his father said in his most dismissing and condescending ways that copulated vehemently on his face that could have belonged to someone else; able to unleash his most inner weapons of mass destruction on anything that might allow for a dignity to replace indifference - the antitheses of love.

Byrom would not ask another question, seeing his father's stern face, for fear he would be dismissed. He just wanted to participate in the weird game called life, with all its purblind doomesters lurking about to affect everyone in one way or another.

Byrom Hoover Bush washed his hands in the toilet bowl of his father's house.

END 2-21-08

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