"Byrom of the Global Gobbling"
by Jerry Vilhotti

Byrom thought his father was saying "fear" for every time he said the word fair his father's finger was pushing the word downward vehemently. Byrom put his face into the napkin not yet lifting his four-fingered fork.

"You see Byrom, I have noticed your deception throughout supper," his father said to the seven year old boy giving him his most dazzling look of malice which did get his nine year old son Stephen to give off a nervous giggle of anticipation; blowing snots out of his nose while trying to suppress his excitement. Byrom's father stood up as if being shot as his fingers grasped Byrom's arm tightly; attempting to bore through it and pulled him toward his father's study where Byrom would receive his just dessert for making a mockery of an eating.

The father lit the long wooden match as he held Byrom's trembling hand to turn it over palm down able to greet the flame that was about to reach for it and soon, before the boy could count to five on his fingers, he was falling to the floor with a hand full of sleeping fingers ....

Byrom did get his diploma from night school, or so he told his father, and was allowed to join the greatest army that was being molded to dominate the world toward a fourth order which the super elite would call "global-gobbling" but euphemistically tell the right wing media to call it "Global whatever" but after eight months of latrine duty at Fort Dixie Byrom went AWOL and was ushered out of the army with not having to go to Leavenworth due to his father's letter to The Court Martial Tribunal informing them he - Percival Walker Bush - had graduated from Cornell and belonged to the secret society "Eye of the Pyramid" which was just as powerful as the Skull and Bones of Yale, the OWL of Harvard, the CAP of Princeton - with the same purpose of a One World Order without riffraff to muddle up the great plan and they only to be used to die for medals and coffins draped with a flag the colors, red white and blue coming in secretly through the back door to hide a meaningless dying, of his Father Country's flag!

"What did you expect?" the father said to Byrom's step-mother over Byrom's bowed head. "What in God's name did you expect from a filthy stutterer?"

END 3-26-07

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