"Doing Surviving"
by Jerry Vilhotti

Johnny finished his work census taking that extended for about a year; getting promoted to field supervisor while "stealing" their car three more times and then gave the gas guzzler to their father to give it to his older brother Tommy Tom Tom once and for all.

Johnny finally graduated Harlem college, "The Poor Man's Harvard", and began teaching near Bedford-Stuyvesant to pay back the city for having given him the opportunity to attend college - after a Mister Moriarty Roberts at the state x-agricultural college in Connectandcut told him "his kind" could never handle their tough courses though Johnny had told him he had attended Brokenland College for two years all ready where most of the students had read The Bible by the age of four.

Johnny and Linda Ann bought a new Mustang convertible to drive it all over Old New York with the wind blowing through Linda Ann's strawberry blond hair while misting her green-blue eyes and Johnny's curly dark hair and eyes the color of wine.

When hard-face Tom called asking if he could borrow the car so he could tell his two young daughters, living in Boston with his third wife, that the Spring-time yellow brand new car was his, Johnny said: "No."

Johnny hung up the phone and would not talk to him for many many years; trying to cover all the hurt he felt. Feeling like Abel at the hand of Cain.

END 11-23-06

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