"Dreaming Death"
by Jerry Vilhotti

After this night, returning from his last class in world literature near midnight from the same university a future Secretary of State had graduated and would go along with the killing of innocent children, forgetting who he once was growing up in the South Bronx, when Johnny could have been killed in East New York by three guys who thought he had sideswiped them; never realizing Johnny had avoided a crash by going around the driver signaling one way but going another and only for the fact that Johnny had learned to fight by the age of four in The East Bronx and tossed in against bigger and older kids from around the corner by his so-called older "brother" Leny One N who was able to win large amounts of moneys from those watching people, among whom could have been a kid named Julius Garfinkle who had been sent up to The Bronx from the lower East Side by loving relatives who were trying to save him from sitting in an electric chair up the river in Sing Sing and was helped by a principal Angelo Petri to lose his stammer to finally become the actor John Garfield whose acting ability was somewhat imitated by James Dean, Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro .... who could not believe the smiling Johnny could fight so well while using Leny's trick of fighting southpaw and learn he did with the impressions of Leny's handprints all over his face until he memorized the skill of jabbing with his right hand and instead of a left hook would follow the straight hard jab with a mighty right fist uppercut which brought down many of his rivals and indeed he did fight all frightened up inside; never getting used to the blood. Finally telling Leny who was calling him to another set up, he would no longer be his "Patsy". No more. No more would he fight to feed Leny's greed but this very night he fought sending the biggest guy of the three reeling backwards, under street lights - and not in one of the many dark alleys where people lay dead for days since cops were afraid to go into such dark places - where Johnny chose to stop after negotiating fifteen green traffic lights by going a steady thirty miles an hour in his brand new convertible Mustang, until the guy said he had had enough. Johnny would have a recurring dream: he would be walking in a very deep darkness on a street while pushing a gurney toward intersections; watching for traffic lights to see if they remained green but instead of turning to red would fade into a blackness and yet he always managed to get over to the other side and just then an African-American man began walking to his side - whom he could see out of the corner of his eye - and just as suddenly on his left side appeared an African-American cop walking along a bank slightly above the sidewalk; coming toward him were two young American-African boys smiling happily; similar to the youngsters he was teaching adjacent to Myrtle Avenue in Brokenland; telling each of them education was a possible door to getting out of the rat infested slums like in the South Bronx; behind them walking slowly with an angry face was another man coming toward him as he continued to push forward crossing every intersection whose light would go from a green to a blinking darkness and when Johnny looked to his left lying in the burnt brown grass was the severed head of an African-American .... He always awoke at this point of the dream. END

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