"Why Us"
by Jerry Vilhotti

Zeus decided he and the other gods would go revisit his favorite person's house that was built when the city had spirit that would last even after the great Bambino died but the second black out unlike the first when people were humane with each took its toll and began to make many begin to fear fear itself; paving the way for "The Leader" to come among them. The last time Greek gods peered over the stadium was many years before. Years prior to a person being shot to death by storm troopers for taking out a wallet to identify himself.

"Where are the three tombs that were out in center pasture? Ruth, Gehrig and Higgens!" Zeus said.

"They're hidden behind the shortened Homer fence for they were making the fans depressed as they never were the same after their city almost went bankrupt and The South Bronx nearly burned down to the delight of the sportscasters announcing the game."

Zeus shrugged his shoulders angrily and began watching the contest between the tic-full moundmortal and the almost as much tic-full clubmortals getting millions of dollars for tree-limbing at an average of two-twenty for the season; never learning to hit a pitch to the opposite field and when they did by accident the announcers would marvel at the feat. Some had never played the thing borrowed from a people who once dyed their bodies blue.

"So tell me Prometheus, liver-pecked one, this writer who is depicting us watching this thing below our feet what does he mean when he says: ' Most everyone will accept a lie as a truth if given half-truths and you can fool all the people all the time if done a bit at a time?"

"Depends, Your Uptight One, on how you define dumb? If one calls great crimes against humanity and says it's good and has countless ways to justify it - will not that lie become truth? For instance, if one steals land from a people and calls them just stupid heathen scalpers and leaves out the fact he taught them to scalp and to boot gave them small-pox laden blankets as gifts and then begins the process of ridiculing them in cartoon fashion and then makes them menacing creatures at the ready to rape all his women and then lastly renders them as a totally disgusting thing - he has successfully dismissed them from the human race!"

Zeus didn't like this very much so he began to make the little white sphere that looked like they were being swallowed up by grotesque hands be dropped and ground-chewers go right through infield guarders' legs and then made pentagon judge forget for a while what constituted a "steek from a "baw". After all had not the Greeks and Romans tried very hard to bring a dignity to humanity and yes he knew there were some problems like democracy never fully coming to fruition due to the dark shadow on souls inhabiting Gaia's good earth but despite this plucked victory out of the jaws of fearing death in previous civilizations that had built pyramids and ziggurats as a worship and after the Romans left the Dark Ages came upon a part of the world blinding them into a despair lasting to the present? Zeus reasoned as he clapped boyishly at helter skelter action going on resembling keystone cops that tossed the fanatics in such a fury they began pelting everyone including themselves with nearly full beer cans. "And if wealthy power-hungry rulers tell all those who can't play in their system that their taxes will be cut, they will begin to think they are wealthy too and ignore all the hidden taxes they pay and while they are buying a bridge spanning the East River from their so called leaders named "Buy One - Get One Free" they will even believe their votes count.

"So you say the masses are being kept ignorant?"

"Not only that Your Righteous One but they are kept in their places by so many institutions they consider sacred that they have begun to feel secure in their cages!"

That was the last straw for the god who had beaned his father to take over power from the Titans and declared the team winning by twelve runs was going to lose.

By sundry manipulations he had this come true as the fanatics stared in a subdued silence full of daze.

"Game over!" Zeus said meaning for the two ideas to copulate one upon the other.


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