"A Message to a Friend"
by Sterling James

A message to a friend:

I knew you from a long time ago ,your words and wisdom were sincere and caring.
You had a way about you that enticed me into wanting your attention and love.
I fell hard for you, and you showed me the same respect, you were there for talks and other trivial matters in my life and you gave me gratification.
We shared the same bed and we ate the same food we kissed in the dark when the power failed.
You had a way about you that struck me so dearly, how you stuck to your guns in all of life's mess.
We had a child and our lives were a tumult and we stuck it out because thats what life's all about.
Now some 17 years later and I've gone through a lot my family is passing and my work is a hassle you found another man and I'm in a quandary.
The house is ours and the daughter is too but you don't want us and now I'm so blue.
I'm not the kind of person who is easily threatened, but life without you is getting hard to deal with.
I don't understand how you could so easily jump to another man when you showed me stability and lent such a helping hand.
I'm not one of many words and I can say you lied all of our marriage whether it was about the love you had for me or our two misscarriages.
I dont even know you anymore and your pill taking diets have really messed your brain , not to mention our life together.
This is the first time either one of us has done something like this and now my chances for love in the future look pretty dim.
Here I am a lonely broken man sitting on the computer typing and crying about the uncertainty of his future wishing things had been different but knowing that I wasn't the one who went looking for love elsewhere.
Now I have only contempt for you and what you have done, how you lied to me all these years and kept me under your thumb.
How I distanced myself from my past and how you disliked my family and always controlled me maybe it's better that we stay separated and I go through divorce proceedings.
I always said you were my better half and I was partly right but I guess I should realize you were also my worst half.
You spent freely and put us into debt and you had no regrets.
You wanted your own way most of the time and when I did not relent you forced it upon me with a fight or an argument.
You broke so many things in anger and rage you trampled my feelings and filled yourself with hate.

...to be continued..............

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