Love Letter
by Ron Hogan

Dear (blank),

You donít know me, but I think Iím in love with you. That sounds crazy, I know, since you donít even know I exist. But thatís what I feel for you at this very moment. If you knew who I was (who I really am) it would probably make you laugh or surprise you to know that, deep inside, I want to be with you.

I see you every day, usually. I might smile and you might wave but never anything more. Iím afraid of you, I guess. Youíre so cool, so together, and Iím anything but.

I donít mean to sound like a stalker or something (believe me, Iíd never have the balls to ask you out, let alone follow you around) but I notice things about you I donít think anyone else sees. Your penchant for old band shirts, faded jeans, and sandals, even in winter. Your hair, in itís thick dark braids. Your bluish/grayish eyes, shimmering behind your retro-50ís glasses. You have a beautiful smile.

I wish I had the courage to get to know you better sometimes. All I know is what you say in class or overheard snippets of conversation outside while your friend smokes. I know I never will actually talk to you, but I can dream, right?

Youíll never know who this is. Even if you guess and confront me, Iíll never own up to it. Iím not good enough for you. More accurately, youíre just too good for me.

But... Iím always sneaking looks at you. Iím always admiring you and dreaming about you. When you feel down, ugly, or blue, remember thereís someone out there that lives and dies for your smile. Never forget thereís always a secret someone whoíll always be thinking about you and wishing you well, even if that means heíll never be a part of your life.

Your Secret Admirer

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